Bread recipes

1-2-3 Sourdough

2-3 White bread 

2-3 White bread enriched with eggs and milk

2-3 White bread using bean water

2-3 White bread with three whole-grain variations

2-3 White bread with quick-cooking oats

Apple bread

Argentine sopaipillas

Banana bran muffins 

Banana bread

Banana bread with cherries

Beer bread


Buns #1

Buns #2

Carrot-applesauce-banana baby biscotti 

Challah (Joy of Cooking)

Challah (Peter Reinhart)

Cheddar rosemary bread 

Chocolate babka

Chocolate red wine cake

Cornbread stuffing mini muffins

Crema chocolate cake


Esfijas (Argentine open-faced empanadas)

Graham crackers 

Honey white bread

Irish soda bread (basic)

Irish soda bread with dried fruit and citrus zest

Jamaican black cake

Kugelhopf au lard (bacon bread)

Multigrain bread with buckwheat and barley
Onion-poppyseed bread

Pan de chapa (Argentine griddle bread)


Picnic bread 

Picnic bread - variation

Preston Yancey's white bread, attempt #1

Preston Yancey's white bread, attempt #2

Preston Yancey's white bread, attempt #3

Preston Yancey's white bread, attempt #4

Puff pastry

Puffy pancake (German pancake) 

Pull-apart bread

Pumpkin bread 

Quiche pie crust

Rosca de reyes (Mexican three kings bread)

Rosca de reyes buns

Rye #1

Rye #2

Rye #3

Rye bread with scalded flour


Soft sandwich bread with bacon drippings

Spent grain bread

Sprouted grain bread

St. Lucia buns 


Sweet potato, red onion and feta galette 

Thanksgiving hangover muffins

Whole wheat matzoh

Yogurt breakfast cake

Zucchini spice muffins

Non-bread recipes

Bacheofe (Alsatian stew)

Beef liver paté
Beef Wellington

Brigadeiros (brazilian chocolate balls)

Butternut squash, white bean and bacon soup

Chicken pot pie #1

Easy fried rice

Edible finger paint 

Granola bars


Peanut butter oatmeal bars

Torta di riso

Wheat berries

Wiener Schnitzel

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