About Me


I'm Bread Maiden.  I live in Virginia with my husband, Mr. Bread Maiden, and two sons, the Little Bread Dudes.

I like to bake bread, it's pretty simple.  I also make things to put on bread, or use in bread.  My constraints on the bread theme are flexible.

I promise that every recipe you see on here is one I have personally made, and documented the process myself.  Thus far I haven't received anything free or been remunerated in any way, because this is my blog and I like being able to express myself as I please.

If you have any comments or want to point out a typo or two, please do! 

Also, since you're here, I'll share my personal favorite posts:

Adjusting to the new normal, part I

Adjusting to the new normal, part II 

Argentine sopaipillas

Easter bread 

Easy granola bars

Edible finger paint

The Science Behind... the baking process in eight sentences with crappy illustrations  

 Wiener schnitzel and cooking with kids

And here are my favorite recipes that are in the permanent rotation at my house:

2-3 bread 

Butternut squash soup

Joy of Cooking buns/rolls

Joy of Cooking challah

Kugelhopf au lard (bacon bread)


Peter Reinhart's biscuits

Puffy pancakes

Raspberry breakfast cake

Torta di riso salata

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